What does my previous insurance, or lack of it, have to do with anything?

Statistically speaking, people who maintain uninterrupted insurance will have fewer claims in the future than those who allow their home or auto to go uninsured.  Therefore, insurance companies offer their best rates to people who have not gone without insurance for even one day.

Beyond that, the length of the lapse is considered by companies, each with their own guidelines.  A lapse of coverage of more than 30 days will almost always have a negative affect on your insurance, either because (1) insurance companies view it as a lack of personal responsibility, or (2) they are exposed to the possibility of paying for damages that occurred during the lapse, which would already be covered by your previous company if you had no lapse.

Is there any good news about this?

Yes.  This only affects your insurance for one year.  Once you've had uninterrupted insurance for one year, companies can offer lower rates and better payment plans, and you may qualify for other companies, with lower rates, that declined you due to the lapse.

In the meantime, because we represent many different insurance companies, each with their own guidelines, we can help you select the one with the best rates and coverage for your particular situation.