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Workers Compensation


Workers Compensation provides coverage for employees injured on the job.  Unlike most insurance policies, the coverage is described and mandated as part of state law.  The following are general guidelines; please check with us for answers to specific questions:


In South Carolina, all employers are required to provide workers compensation coverage for their employees.  Employers with four or more full-time employees are required to have workers compensation insurance.  Employers with fewer than four employees are strongly recommended to carry the insurance as well; in the absence of insurance, the employer is responsible for payment for injuries covered under the workers compensation law.


Sub-contractors are considered employees of the general contractor they are working for, unless they can document that they have their own insurance.  This is why sub-contractors provide Certificates of Insurance to their general contractors; without these, the general contractors must pay for workers compensation for them, and will usually deduct it from their pay.


Premiums are based on (1) payroll, (2) the type of work that is done (more injury-prone vocations have higher premiums), and, in some cases, (3) prior loss history.  The initial policy is based on a company's estimated payroll.  After the policy expires, the business's books are audited and the premium adjusted, resulting in a refund or additional premium due if the actual payroll differs from the original estimate.


  How Sauls Insurance makes Workers Comp. easier! 


EASY QUOTES!  Call us at (803) 256-8983.....or Contact us via e-mail, cell phone, or fax.....or complete the easy quote form below!


NEXT-DAY COVERAGE!  Get started on that job, or stop that general-contractor-withholding, quicker!  In most cases, you'll have coverage within 24 hours!


FINANCING AVAILABLE so you don't have to pay the whole year's premium before you even start the jobs you're buying the insurance for!


SAME-DAY CERTIFICATES OF INSURANCE!   We know these keep you working, so we give them high priority.  And though we call it "same day", most frequently these go out within an hour or less.  You can also order Certificates on-line, 24-hours a day!


WE DO IT ALL!  In addition to your Workers Comp., we can help your business with all forms of General Liability, Property & Equipment, Bonds, and Commercial Vehicles....with ONE place to call to handle everything and, in most cases, ONE monthly payment to cover all of your insurance!


IF YOU ONLY NEED WORKERS COMP., we can do that to!  We don't demand that you place all of your insurance with us to get the one policy you need right now.  We're confident our service on the one policy will convince you to try us for all  of your insurance in the future. 


  Research Workers Comp. Insurance


For more information about Workers Comp, click to go to SC Insurance News Service.


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